Superheroes are classic American archetypes of triumph — and while they may be works of fiction, these characters hold significant lessons for professionals of all levels to learn.

All superheroes, from Batman to Ironman, overcame significant personal struggles to discover their true greatness and turn it into lean, mean, take-no-prisoners success. While no one needs to be bitten by a radioactive spider and swing around in tights, this very same principle of personal triumph over the “adversity within” can be applied to “Clark Kents” everywhere; supercharging their work days with meaning, purpose, and productivity to build stronger teams and more profitable companies.


Research shows that 70% of the American workforce is “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” due to the lack of internal drive and ambition. Wendy Komac’s inspirational and entertaining speech “You Are Your Own Kryptonite” strikes at the heart of this issue — inspiring employees to ascend from a “normal” work day attitude to an attitude of vision, purpose, and pride in one’s work. Her speech establishes that each employee’s contribution can make a difference — and that it all starts from one place — inside the employee’s core sense of self.


Wendy Komac’s story is based on the same set of guidelines her speech establishes.  Since recovering from a life threatening addiction 25 years ago, she ascended quickly through the sales force to executive level in 1998. After holding several successful Senior Vice President roles at major corporations such as Prudential Financial and SIRVA, Inc. (SVP National Sales, SVP Global Client Development, SVP Global Sales), she left corporate America to write her best-selling book “I Work with Crabby, Crappy People” and speak publicly about her experiences to help people everywhere ascend to their next level of greatness.


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