Box of Rocks Bill is Fubar’s Chief Disinformation Officer.  Bill is in a daze again and no one is sure why. Dried up walnut dangling on a string between his ears?  Too many dead brain cells from too many mind altering drugs?  Whatever the reason, Bill wanders through life aimlessly, with his bumper sticker “If it Aint Broke, Don’t Fix It” proudly displayed on his car.  His claim to fame was coining the phrase EBITDA –earnings before IT does anything!

Bill’s motto:  Change is not good and I won’t deal with it.  Preferring to believe that nothing has to change and we can continue to do the same things and somehow get a different result, Bill wakes up one day to find that the Fubar Dumployment Express #666 has left the station, leaving him and his antiquated thinking behind.