Lame-O Leo works in Fubar’s accounting department, reporting to Not Me Lee.  Leo is the Fubar Chapter President of Approval Seeker’s Anonymous.  Did I do a good job; did I do a good job?  Always worrying about what everyone else is thinking and whether or not they think what he has done or said is “good enough”.  Asking Marsha for that constant pat on the back has really paid off.  (too bad Leo hasn’t realized that he has everything he needs inside of himself to be happy)  After several Marsha word whippings, Leo’s been brainwashed to adopt her latest philosophy on how to lead a mediocre life:  You’re a loser and you should never have any expectations, then you will never experience any disappointments.  Leo buys it hook, line and sinker.  She forgot to mention that adoption of this policy guarantees you will never experience the true meaning of the word, “Live”.