Methane Blaster

This baby is for taking out the likes of Methane Man!  The only limitation is that you need to be in close proximity for it to be effective.  That says alot about how you often need to deal with things.  Taking things in from a distance doesn’t always work, sometimes you have to get right in front of it!  Remember to cover your nose and shield your eyes, he’s no joke!

 Force Field

Keep Gigolo Goeffrey from getting too close! This is the true definition of a hands off approach! When things get too crazy, sometimes it is best to put up a force field.  You can do this for yourself or a friend.  Keep in mind that it  doesn’t last very long and sooner or later you will have to face it!  Either way this puppy provides great short term relief.  Use it wisely!

Venus LIE Trap

So the truth hurts, eh?  For some people telling the truth is often very difficult, especially if it has an adverse effect on them!  This baby helps those “types” along when it comes to telling the truth. Handle it with care, and remember that you may not always like what you hear.  Suggested uses include “habitual” liars and their ability to believe what they are saying as fact!

B.S. Scooper

You can follow some people around all day with this one!  Be careful, as you can really get overloaded with other people’s B.S.  I use this tool not to just prove people wrong, but to help them become more self aware.  She works great for those who take heart.  This one can get pretty smelly.