Wendywoman on a mid-career crisis…

Reporter query:

A reporter wants to know how to recognize when you’re having a mid-career crisis. What is a mid-career crisis, and what tends to bring one on? What are the signs you’re going through one? What can you do to revitalize interest in your current job/career, and/or how can you to tell when moving on or making a career change is indeed in your best interest? She is looking to speak with career experts as well as “real people” who have been through a mid-career crisis.

Mid-career crisis is when you reach a point where your dream of where you thought you were going to be at that age and where you actually are, conflict. Your skills and your abilities are not being used or tapped in a way that allows you to get fulfillment out of what you are doing.  It was a real eye opener for me when, at the age of 45, I realized there were several tasks that were required of me in my executive level position that I was really good at, but I hated doing them. That created extensive conflict for me because I realized I wanted to not only do things I was good at, but wanted to do things I loved.  Nobody really understood how I felt, because most people thought that being good at something was synonymous with actually enjoying it. Wrong.  I spent the next couple of years evaluating how I could put myself into situations in the workplace that allowed me to contribute to the organization and to myself in a way that was personally rewarding.   Despite the fact that I was over-busy, I created  time to coach and mentor others, which turned out to be fulfilling as well as energizing.  That led me to write a book 3 years later, I Work with Crabby Crappy People, ultimately fulfilling a lifelong dream.