Wendywoman on Butt-Kissing…

Reporter query:

Since we know there’s favoritism on the job, is it ever a good idea to kiss up? For my column on a major news site, I’m looking for experts who can discuss this issue, and also employees who have faced this situation.

I couldn’t hear her from across the room, but as I watched my colleague, Bootlicker Betty in action, I knew there was a butt smoochin going on with our boss.  Again?  Really?  Most of us are sickened when we witness the conscious manipulation of the boss by a peer.  But is it always bad?  The answer is no.   There are often valid reasons for managing the message up. The question you should ask yourself, “Is there a valid business purpose for the discussion that is for the greater good of everyone involved?” or “Is this for my own personal gain at the expense of others?”  If you can answer the question honestly, then your response should be simple although not often easy.