Wendywoman on College Graduate Success…

Another reporter inquiry:

“If you had to give one piece of advice to a college graduate looking to achieve success in business what would it be?”

Graduating college and ready to hit the real world of employment? If so, consider making it a practice to stash your smart phone in your desk during business hours so you don’t end up a dimwit with a smart phone who is out of a job. It wasn’t too many years ago that productivity suffered when employees wasted time hanging around the water cooler to kibitz or complain about work. Now, while seated at your desk or standing behind the customer service counter, it can be tempting to pick up your smart phone to text, tweet or hop on Facebook to see what all your friends are doing. Just remember, every minute your phone is in your hand and being used is a minute you cheat your employer out of time that is rightfully theirs. And, contrary to popular belief that only your “friends” will know what you are doing, employers have a uncanny way of stumbling on to what is quickly becoming the #1 time waster in business today. The race to find and keep a job is both long and crowded. Don’t end up a loser because you are incessantly twittering away your days when you are supposed to be working or you may find that your next tweet is to ask your friends if they know of any job openings.