Wendywoman on Core Values…

Here is another reporter query:

“Companies create missions statements to declare their reason for being and their core beliefs and principles. We can co-opt this practice, as individuals, to help us live with clarity and intention. Looking for business experts, coaches, etc. to speak to why a personal mission statement can help in this day and age, whether we’re looking for a new job or not. Also, looking for tips on how to develop your personal mission statement.”

Think of how crazy it would sound if you told someone that you were going to build a house but you were going to nix putting in a foundation and frame. First they would “think” you are a wingnut, and second, they would tell you that without the foundation and the frame, the house won’t last very long. The same is true of this journey called life, only your life is just a tad bit more important than any house, yet most of us don’t treat it that way. You should really think of your life as a business, and your are the CEO of your business – you need to be a leader in your own life.  That means that like a business, you should have core values that align with will support your personal life goals and translate into an easy to short, simple personal mission statement.    Your core values should be the unwavering rock on which the framework will reside. Give some thoughtful consideration to your personal core values instead of just throwing the same old stuff up that every company in America has.  Remember, if you’re lazy and cheat here and build a shaky foundation, your business – your life – could become a reflection of your commitment to yourself.  For me personally, I think a mission statement should be easy to remember and something I constantly aspire to do and be.  Wendywoman’s personal mission statement: I am only as good as the core values I keep.