Wendywoman on Hating Your Job…

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If you currently dislike your job, are there any ways you can change that? How can you wake up on Monday morning excited?

I HATE MY JOB! I HATE MY JOB! Perfect, because for most of us, often you have to know what you don’t want in order to know what you do want. Monday’s are one of the most despised days of the week. Sulk through and hate Monday because you have to go to work and you waste 14% of your life. Really? You’re living on borrowed time. Is that what you want to do? Whether you realize it or not, you can talk yourself into or out of almost any situation good or bad. Say you can’t do it? Why not? The same level of hysteria applied to a negative situation can be applied to future goal or objective, such as loving your job. It is possible to appreciate your experience and enjoy the daily journey of your employment. Sometimes traveling with hope is sometimes better than the arrival at your final destination. Most of us want to hop on some magical elevator to success that is going to take us to the perfect experience, perfect job. Sorry to say it doesn’t exist. Instead, learn to bloom where you are planted.