Wendywoman on Men and Women Executives…

Reporter Query:

Some studies show companies that which have more female directors are better run. So, do women make better execs than men? Why or why not? What do they bring to the boardroom that men don’t? Or is that some sort of myth?

The secret to caring, successful leadership is not magical or even difficult. But maybe it’s just a little counter intuitive, at least for men.  Just because a woman shows up at her high- powered job doesn’t mean she shuts off her maternal instinct.  Much like she will protect her children, she will often do the same with those who work with or for her.  It is not that she will do anything drastic or ridiculous, but she is likely to focus as much attention on “people” improvement as she is “process” improvement.

What happens when the leader doesn’t care?  The employee shows up to work and plays hooky, because they don’t care either.  Productivity suffers – mediocrity in the workplace soars.  Intimacy in the work place has become a thing of the past.  It used to be that your boss knew what was going on in your life and took those subplots into consideration as you showed up to work and did your job every day. Now, despite all our methods of “connecting,” we know less about each other than ever before – and care less too.  Why bother talking when you can text, email, Tweet, Facebook and never have to engage in an actual conversation?  Often executives don’t know their employees and empathy is absent from the workplace. Without human engagement, the business environment is not a nice place to live. We might as well be the only sign of life on Mars, because nobody’s talking and nobody’s there to listen anyway. While no leader is perfect these days, most women are more prone to exhibit empathy while authentically engaging with employees, which will result in higher levels of productivity, ultimately reducing operating costs and improving a company’s bottom line.