Wendywoman on Staying in Good Graces…

Here’s another question from a reporter:

“Would love to hear from bosses on what qualities can help an employee to stay in your good graces. What can an employee do specifically to ensure he/she has a place within your company when cuts have to be made?”

If you are looking for a retention strategy for your job, the questions you should ask yourself are:  Do I always do my personal best?  Do I always go the extra mile?  Most employees are sick and tired of being sick and tired of hearing management tell them they need to work more.  When cuts are made and positions not filled, it leaves those remaining to do not only their work, but that of their new friends, “Who Me and Do More.” So how do you go the extra mile and live to tell about it?  Doing your personal best is never about doing what the company asks or demands that you do. Plain and simple, you do your personal best for you and nobody else. You’ll never reach great heights of success if you only do a great job when someone is watching.  When career detours deter you from reaching your goals, and you refuse to go the extra mile to get around them, the only person you hurt is yourself. Going the extra mile is not for the company; not for your boss. Going the extra mile is for you. It is the investment you make in you, since you are your most valuable asset.  Mediocrity in the workplace only creates insecurity and almost certainly guarantees that you’ll be downsized.