Wendywoman on What Not to say…

Reporter Query:

I need quotes for a story called, “10 Things Never to Say to Your Boss.” Of course, there are obvious things (“You should have been at the coke-fueled stripper party I was at last night!”), but we’re looking for less-obvious ones — the things people say thinking they’re advancing their career, or the things they’re saying that they think will impress their boss, but they’re really doing the opposite. Each item should start with a quote, then be followed by an explanation that answers the following questions: Why should someone *never* say this to her boss? Why do many people say it, anyway? How does saying this hurt her career? And what can she say to achieve the effect she’s going for? Please email me your quotes and follow up each quote with answers to the aforementioned questions.

“So and so is a douche bag!”  While slang terms may be common to your teen, they are offensive to those in the workplace who may not even realize it is a current slang saying.  I once had a colleague who used the phrase on a conference call, referring to another woman he worked with.  None of those in attendance had ever heard the term used and marched straight to human resources.  Immediate career suicide.

My biggest pet peeve – Trying to sound smart, which actually makes you seem dumb.  Most people who try to string together big, needless words discovered in their thesaurus attempting to sound smart, usually sound dumb as they don’t understand what they are saying and anybody listening doesn’t understand either.

“That’s so gay!”  You never know the sexual orientation of the person you are speaking to, or their children, or their parents.    You may offend someone and lose the possibility of promotion and not even know what you did.