Wendywoman Survives a Flushing…

October 29, 2012 · 1 comment

How many times have you felt like you are living life in a toilet bowl, getting dumped on by others or worse yet believing your life is being flushed down the drain?  We constantly complain that life is unfair, that it stinks.  That type of stinkin thinkin only makes the downward spiral happen even faster.  It is hardly ever the fabulous moments of life that help us to grow into all we are intended to be, but instead it’s the people that are hard to get along with who cross our path that help smooth out our rough edges.  Blaming the crabby crappy people in your life for your toilet bowl living conditions is a waste of time.

Pretty much everyone knows that pearls are birthed from the crappy irritations experienced by an oyster.  Most people believe that the oyster had nothing to do with this irritation because sand randomly made its way into the oyster’s shell, but that is not the case.  In fact, the oyster, while minding its own business, gets itself into trouble when a piece of food gets stuck inside of it while eating.  While the oyster never planned for the discomfort, it works tirelessly to relieve itself of the pain by surrounding the irritant with the same lovely material its beautiful shell is made of.   It doesn’t require anybody or anything to help it – it has everything it needs to take the extreme pain and discomfort it is experiencing and birth it into something beautiful.  Even though the oyster would prefer not to deal with the discomfort, it makes a conscious decision to stop fighting the situation and instead start working with it.  The irritation becomes beautiful, more valuable, not because the oyster surrounds it with anger, hate, or fear, but only after it surrounds it with something beautiful, such as love.

While it is never fun to be in the midst of a bad situation, you can make the best of it by believing that it was never designed to piss you off but instead meant to help you grow.  You will have to change your perception of the situation and view it as a tool to help you develop your own personal pearl.  All difficult situations, if interpreted the right way, can teach us how to practice unconditional love with no reciprocity.   The biggest gift you can give yourself is to learn how to love others when you are getting nothing in return – just loving them because they are created from the same stuff you are made of; not judging them for their behavior, because you never know what is going on in their life but instead finding something to appreciate.

Be a change agent in your own life by allowing the tough times to bring out the best in you not the worst.  Get out your toilet bowl brush and do a little cleaning of your own this week.  In the midst of trials and tribulations, make sure you are accountable to yourself and our universal creator for your attitude and actions. Do your best to remain calm, serene, and in complete mastery of your emotions.  Don’t allow the behavior of others to determine how you will behave, because ultimately the only person responsible for your life is you.



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Tenacious Todd October 29, 2012 at 8:03 pm

Well you know WW….having one arm and all, I swim in circles so being stuck in that toilet bowl is easy to get out of. I just swim backwards!!!


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