It’s interesting.  People who don’t have a job want a job.  People who have a job, don’t want the one they have – they feel overworked, underappreciated and usually hate their boss. Been there, done that!

For the past decade I’ve been a senior executive at Fortune companies on a full time search and rescue mission finding the hidden talent in all people. Often saddled with perceived non-performers, my job was to turn them into superstars, and 80% of the time, working together, we did.

The moral of that story:  they were never non-performers to begin with!  I’ve had my share of challenges with poor leadership. In fact, for years I changed jobs like I changed underwear. Either way, I loved to blame everyone else for my rotten work experience. When quitting didn’t help me escape from their wrath, I started drinking a bottle of vodka a day to help ease the pain of being jailed with them on a daily basis.  The bad part about that was I now had become toxic  – just like them.  If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, did not work out too well…duh! When I woke up thinking death may be a better option than life and was paralyzed in a toxic sea of shit, I realized that the only person who could change my life was me. Me and only me needed to cure my chronic unhappiness about my job!